Major Trends in Mobile Game Development

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Major Trends in Mobile Game Development

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Why get into mobile game development? Of all app categories, games have the most success. Among the most popular titles are free games such as Candy Crush Saga with over 500 million downloads worldwide. The various versions of the Angry Birds game , meanwhile, have been downloaded over a billion times. illustration jeu candy crush Pou is another example of a game that has been very successful, becoming one of the most popular mobile games today. In the style of the classic Tamagotchi, it offers the player to adopt a louse and take care of it. 

This application is paid on the App Store while on the Play Store it is available for free. This strategy is explained by the fact that iOS users are more inclined to buy content than Android users. What is the secret of the success of these games? As the chart shows,  IOS and Android are the most Fax List used operating systems for mobile game development, while HTML5 and Unity 3D are gradually losing ground. But compatibility with these mobile systems could not by itself ensure the success of the games. infographic ios usa Their popularity is due more to a combination of psychological factors than technology. 

Notably These games promote user engagement by integrating leaderboards, trophies, and rewards systems, such as Candy Crush . The Pou game , on the other hand, requires frequent interaction and continuous attention from the user. They are also distinguished by simplicity . The user does not need to learn to get started. Mobile games that stimulate thinking are popular. The game Cut the Rope is a great example. The player must use strategy to beat his opponents.