Korzyści z tabletek na kaszel i ich szkodliwość

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Korzyści z tabletek na kaszel i ich szkodliwość

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Learn about the use of Histop cough tablets and the most important warnings. Histop is one of the most important and best remedies used to treat allergies. It treats almost all types of allergies. The active substance in Histop is chlorpheniramine. Here's more information about the Encyclopedia.

Histop Brand Names:There are many Histop brands such as:

. Gripina.

tags. histant.

tags. Pirafen.

tags. Allerfin.

tags. Polaramine.

tags. Analysis.

tags. Chlorohistol.

tags. Chlorpheniramine.

tags. Pheniram.

Indications for the use of cough tablets Histop:Histop is used to treat many diseases, including the following:

1- Treatment of cough.

2- It is used to treat allergic rhinitis.

3- For the treatment of hay fever.

4- Treatment of conjunctival allergy.

5- Treatment of food and drug allergies.

6- Treatment of nasal congestion.

7- Treatment of urticaria and skin allergies.

8- Alleviating the symptoms of runny nose, eyes and sneezing.

9- Treatment of itchy throat and nose.

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